viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

I live on row emotion, baby.

Music is one of the best pleasures I have in life... I'm listening music all time: studyng, in the shower... And of course, driving! 'Cause I don't know take the car without music and me singing like I was a superstar. Music makes me feel happy, and I used like a fashion sunglasses to watch the life with best eyes. Music is positivism in the bad moments, love when you feel alone, and a scape when you feel in a cave. Here I leave some songs that I really love since I am 14 years old. Enjoy the weekend and enjoy Maroon 5! I'll update outfit pics very soon :)

Besitos a tod@s...


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EmerJa dijo...

Me encanta Maroon 5. Tengo sus 2 primeros discos, y el segundo videoclip que has visto no lo había visto:P


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