martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Celine, I love you.

I feel so stupid right now, calling a boy in the middle of a football match? What I was thinking? So is the perfect moment to dedicate some minutes to the blog. I need time to take a lot of photos and to prepare the blog's first anniversary.

I want to share with you this pics of Nicole Richie. I absolutely LOVE her style. And of course, I want her wardrobe. She's perfect with her must have Celine bag, leather jacket (Amancio, we want it!), that amazing sunglasses that I want it to, and the black blouse, very 'Blair Waldorf'. Isn't she the most stylish girl in Hollywood?

Everybody knows what is the must "bag" right now, Celine is coming up in the fashion world, and every fashionista, important blogger or celebritie has that model in her hand, or in her wardrobe. The size, the leather, the design... Is absolutely perfect. What colour do you prefer?

Are you a follower of my blog? Please, tell me, sending an email to jesuispalomaetpoint@hotmail.com because I need your colaboration!

News very soon...

Besitos a tod@s...


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