martes, 26 de abril de 2011

The blue-eyed blogger.

I just discovered one blog from a Swedish girl thanks to Mango. And, what I can say? I'm in love!

Her name is Lina Söderström, her blog? Lina di Moda. She works modelling, that have an influence in her pics and outfits. Fresh, super cool and stylish, her style is simple, minimal, but elegant. I absolutely love her. Very thin, with an amazing eyes, she poses always without make up, and is still pretty. You can watch her editorials, homemade pictures, daylife moments and incredible pictures related with fashion. A different point of view from inside this world.

A different blog that shows the life of this Swedish girl. Why all Sweden girls are so stylish? I remember when I went to Stockholm, I tought I was walking on a runway.

So, if you have a moment, don't wait to check her blog! Just click HERE.

Besitos a tod@s...


2 comentarios:

Enamodeuse dijo...

Las fotos son geniales, me pasaré por su blog!:)

un saludo

Tristana dijo...

Amazing pictures, I'm in love with them



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