domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

10 things you don't know about me.


1. I am freaky obssesed with boyfriends. I think I need one because I need somebody telling me how beautiful and fantastic I am.
2. I absolutely love white blouses. Is the perfect cloth to wear with any jean, jacket, skirt or whatever you have in your wardrobe.
3. Someday, I'm going to live in NYC.
4. I think LOVE is the best thing you can have in your life. I need it any minute of my day (that is the reason what I love being with boyfriend, but boys I AM SINGLE!)
5. Sometimes I have to keep in my mind that I must believe in me.
6. I love Chinese food and sushi. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (but a different kind of love).
7. My favourite car is a Fiat 500.
8. I think I am a man repeller. And not only in fashion, I always try to be the perfect girl in everything.
9. I love blogging and I am sad that I am not very good in it because I don't have a good team to work with. (Camera, photographer and a BIG WARDROBE!)
10. A smile is the best accesorie to complete an outfit, that's the reason why sometimes I don't wear a perfect look.



3 comentarios:

Marta dijo...

Yo también creo que una sonrisa es el complemento perfecto a cualquier outfit :)


In fashion with you

Bea S. dijo...

Me han encantado!! :P
Un besín :)


EmerJa dijo...

Me ha gustado mucho este post:)

Un besazo.


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